Complete Supply Chain Solution specifically for
Manufacturers and Distributors that supply Retail Chains.

The global consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturing business serves customers ranging from small shops and convenience stores to megastore chains and warehouse clubs. Margins are slim and competition is fierce. And there are hundreds of product categories.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions provide leading-edge business applications for CPG manufacturers and distributors. These integrated applications can help you speed products from concept to the store shelf, remove waste from operations, and meet the demands of your retail customers and consumers.

Meet retailer demands

  • Respond quickly to real-time demands from your customers
  • Support a Demand Driven Supply Network (DDSN)
  • Enhance the efficiency of your supply chain
  • Integrate all customer required labeling and other technologies with your internal systems
  • Monitor the flow of products to your customers Support promotional pricing changes
  • Optimize inventory levels and create perfect orders
  • Build customer satisfaction and loyalty

Anticipate consumer trends

  • Predict what is going to sell and be prepared to deliver it
  • Make effective decisions by diving deep into market data
  • Gather information and get approvals quickly
  • Evaluate, redesign, and improve existing products
  • Manage finished-goods shelf life and packaging changes
  • Promote effective brand management

Streamline operations

  • Deliver a single, real-time view of data from multiple departments, warehouses, countries and logistical points
  • Enhance communications within and between departments
  • Simplify pick, pack, and ship operations to distribution centers and stores
  • Efficiently manage your assets using planning, forecasting, and business analytics
  • Collaborate more effectively with partners and suppliers with EDI and portals and commerce sites