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  • Empowering staff with sophisticated business intelligence that’s easy to use
  • Increase turns with accurate stock replenishment
  • Reduce the risks of wasted, lost and damaged stock with warehouse management software
  • Keeping track of the pricing arrangements in your business supply chain and protect margin security and your competitive advantage.

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI Software for Document Efficiencies

Document management through simplified Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions has been shown to dramatically reduce costs compared with manual handling. That’s because EDI software automates your compliance with trading partners. Utilizing a NAV-X system you can avoid the laborious and often risky business of finding intermediary software to sit between your ERP and your vendors’ software. Automate document disclosures, shipping notices and invoices with NAV-X distribution software.

Tested & Proven Integration with Vendors

Managing your 850 purchase orders, 856 advanced shipping notices (ASNs) and 810 invoices is simplified with NAV-X. The easy-to-use interface communicates dynamically with your vendors; tested and proven integration with the software used by many of the leading shipping and trading companies today. Thorough compliance testing enables you to meet the EDI requirements of your most particular suppliers. Keep your staff informed anywhere with email compatible EDI.


Inventory Management

Inventory Solutions Simplify Order Management

There are two core functions of inventory management software. First, the ability to analyze the marginal profit of stock; the second, to effectively manage stock levels based on accurate reporting of demand. With NAV-X you get the most powerful tool available for item profitability analysis and a purchase and sales pricing engine that will give you the analytics you need to set your profit maximizing price. Inventory solutions that keep you ahead of the competition and meet every customer’s highest demands, from NAV-X.

Inventory Management Solutions

You shouldn’t have to wait until after you’ve sold an item for a warning that your latest order isn’t going to make a minimum margin. With NAV-X you don’t have to. Management alerts and mobile device access provides your management with the visibility they need to intervene in operations in a timely and effective manner. Make your stock level adjustments more efficient and conserve cash by optimizing the balance of stock levels and customer service. NAV-X is here to ensure your relationship with your customers flourishes.


Forecasting & Replenishment

Inventory Forecasting Based on Best Fit Analysis

Stock outs can significantly impact your revenue stream. Gain access to historical data, trend analyses and market conditions to forecast inventory demands with precision. Define accurate inventory control strategies with better visibility into inventory levels, cost of goods sold and seasonal fluctuations with NAV-X, the inventory forecasting tool with collaborative forecasting.

Solving Distribution Problems

NAV-X knows the problems faced by distributors and manufacturers because we’ve been solving them for over 30 years, including:

  • Sub optimal container packing – don’t overspend on deliveries with container loading optimization.
  • Inaccurate order analysis – use accurate benchmarking figures for order purchases with suggested order processing.
  • Predicted inventory levels – never guess order levels with formula based best fit forecasting.
  • Eliminate deadstock – don’t waste inventory with obsolete inventory indicators.


Purchasing Software and Procurement Solutions

A long and drawn out purchase-to-pay process increases your baseline costs and the risks associated with a difficult audit. By bringing together your compliance and purchasing, into a single automated procurement solution, you can feel confident that costs are under your control. NAV-X purchasing software drives efficiencies in your purchasing cycle and improves transparency in a difficult regulatory environment.

Complete Integration, Complete Control

NAV-X is perfectly equipped to deal with the purchasing requirements of the distribution industry. With advanced ordering you can process blanket orders and simplify your ordering arrangements with email orders. Whether you have multiple sources of supply or multiple warehouses then NAV-X distribution software will simplify your purchasing arrangements. The choice for distribution managers is NAV-X.


Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Systems Reduce Handling Times

A great warehouse management system (WMS) simplifies the receiving of stock and dispatch of orders while modelling your warehousing arrangements with complete precision. Relying on a WMS that does any less will eat away at your margins. Reduce the risks of wasted, lost and damaged stock with warehouse management software from NAV-X. Integrate your entire business, from order processing to transportation with NAV-X to increase your reporting accuracy.

Inventory Management Systems Consolidate your Shipments

NAV-X is the solution for distribution businesses with complex operational needs requiring a seamless transition from their legacy systems to a new WMS solution. Accurate, real-time communication between operating areas of your business is vital to control costs. Cut down on misdirected resources, mislabelled packages and incorrect shipping with automated warehouse management software from NAV-X.

WMS for Complex Distribution Demands

Budget labor accurately with NAV-X by using quantifiable measurements natively built into our warehouse management software. NAV-X provides detailed reports on staff requirements, estimating productivity levels and visualizing wave picking arrangements enabling you to make informed decisions at any time. Real-time data is collected and displayed on your desktop or handheld device. Eliminate the mystery from your inventory levels, workforce utilization or warehouse arrangements with NAV-X distribution software.


Shipping & Receiving

Accurate Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

An accurate shipping system is critical to your distribution business. Complex warehouse management systems require precise management of high volume package movements. The risk of human error is high, as is the cost of missed deliveries. Reduce your exposure with a multicarrier shipping system from NAV-X.

Prevent Common Mistakes with Automation

NAV-X multi-carrier shipping software can help you alleviate the problems, associated with shipping & receiving, that cost your warehouse management business money:

  • Pack Line Scanning with Barcodes – achieve accurate, on-time cross docking
  • Carrier Rate Shopping – get the best rates on the market
  • Rapid Communication – capture changes quickly and effectively for accurate shipping
  • Consolidated Bill of Ladings and Package/Pallet Labels – avoid mis-shipments and damage during shipping

Stay in Touch Throughout Shipment

Advanced warning can be the difference between a client retained and a client lost so you receive a notification whenever a shipped quantity isn’t equal to the quantity you ordered. Manageable and configurable, a shipping system from NAV-X enables fingertip control of all your critical shipping variables. Your shipping accuracy will improve and your customer service levels won’t suffer from inaccurate shipping forecasts, missed shipments and imprecise packaging.


Financial Reporting & Analysis

Financial Accounting Software Empowers Managers

The key to exceptional reporting standards lies in data security, easy access and accurate reporting. Executive teams, and other stakeholders that rely on financial analysis software are able to build an accurate account of their critical business functions with NAV-X distribution software. Real-time figures display core transactions in an easily configurable, scalable solution.

High Financial Reporting Standards

Accountability and transparency in business reporting allows your business to grow securely. Financial reporting and financial analysis within NAV-X gives you the inside track on the most profitable business decisions you have made, it also enables you to forecast and determine which avenues will best serve future profitability. As many businesses expand their global operations, managing multi-currency transactions and accounting procedures with governmental and industrial compliance is vital. NAV-X provides financial reporting and compliance on a global or local level with consolidated key accounting standards in a single platform, including GAAP, IFRS and more.


Pricing and Promotions

Pricing Software for Optimized Sales

Setting accurate prices during promotional campaigns can make or break their success. Don’t get caught in the red on your next promotion with pricing that gives you the inside track on optimal pricing. Revenue optimizing pricing strategies with NAV-X are set in accordance with accurate reporting of past campaigns, current market conditions and buyer behavior. NAV-X distribution software helps you to find the safest, revenue optimizing, price by analyzing trends and forecasting sales based on your actual results.

Strategically Price for Profit

NAV-X enables you to strictly control your pricing and manage promotions simply with real-time access to historic pricing and promotions profitability data. Easily set special pricing parameters by applying different calculation methods by customer targets, including: key accounts, single or multi-location stores, etc. Quickly establish promotions for all customers, individual customer groups and/ or customer groups with exceptions by single item or group of items. Eliminate the multi-spreadsheet madness and automate your pricing strategies with NAV-X, the distribution software solution that manages more than just your inventory.


Trade Spend Management

Trade Promotion Management Tracks Deductions

Keeping track of the promotions, prices and deductions offered to customers during a promotional campaign can be hazardous. There’s always the risk of underpricing and minimum margin agreements can be complicated if brokers, salesperson’s and other price setters are all setting prices independently. Keeping track of the pricing arrangements being made in your business is vital for margin security and maintaining your competitive advantage. Measure trade spend budgeted, committed and implemented with NAV-X distribution software – the distribution solution for accurate trade promotion management.


Profitability Analysis

Profitability Analysis Yields Reliable Forecasts

Why is a profitability analysis so important? Understanding the relationship between your marketing, sales, order processing and financial operations with their specific cost/revenue structures is the only way to create reliable reports with precision and accuracy. Take the guesswork out of which customers are improving or diminishing your profit margins with NAV-X distribution software.

Granulate Costs for Maximum Visibility

NAV-X will display real-time costs according to a number of different categories including customer, sales order, region and product. At such a fine level of analytic detail you no longer need to speculate where you can save money. NAV-X provides maximum visibility into:

  • Complaint Handling and Customer Management – identify the clients and problems that cost you the most in complaint handling and management.
  • Product Movements - reduce warehouse inventory and see which products leave your warehouse quickest.
  • Audit Timescales – full transparency and compliance throughout your business reduces costs associated with audits.
  • Sales Closing – ensure the sales margin sold is the margin realized with full order cycle analysis.
  • Unified Operations – from accounting through sales, marketing, order processing and more you can build reports that display the most efficient operations in your business.


Order Processing

Simple, Effective Order Processing

Order processing software has come a long way since the days of hand scrawled notes stuffed in filing cabinets. With a sales price – discount engine, mobile device support and email invoicing you know you are getting a solid order management system with NAV-X. NAV-X is the best choice for distributors who want fast, effective order management software.

Solving Order Processing Problems

NAV-X is packed with functionality that enables your managers to run your order processing operations more effectively. Let NAV-X eliminate problems associated with:

  • Credit/Debits – don’t rely on third party providers with built-in credit card processing.
  • Sales Commissions – incent, increase and implement with advanced sales commissions.
  • Shipping Arrangements – estimated shipping costs before agreeing to costly contracts.

Order Management

Order processing is made easier with NAV-X, the warehouse management system for distributors and manufacturers. You can develop robust processes that fully engage each staff member as needed with management alerts to effectively optimize and manage order processing.

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